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My name is Heta Rautiainen and I offer animal behaviour, training and welfare consultation with horses and dogs also in English.

I love working with all kinds of animal individuals and my work has welfare aware ”science to practice” approach: I promote reward based training techniques and a multidimensional understanding of the animal’s point of view during training is a matter of heart for me. My goal is to help my clients to achieve happier moments and bigger goals with their animal friends through gaining deeper understanding and bringing welfare supporting habits for individual needs. My versatile background with both scientific knowledge and everyday practices gives me understanding and tools to help in wide variety of situations!

Aside from my work I’m working towards a professional animal trainer certificate at Vocational College of Central Ostrobotnia. I also study Biomedicine at University of Eastern Finland. I work for HETI’s Educational Journal as a content producer about equine welfare and training. Previously I worked also for equine welfare paper Heportteri as a scientific background researcher.

Image below: Learning of ergonomic movement and free willing participation are some basics of my work.

Some topics I work with:

  • Animal behaviour and learning
    • Scientific background of learning theories
    • When learning is most efficient, individual learning differences
    • What behaviour is, species specific behaviour and learning
  • Animal training
    • Science based sound training techniques like positive reinforcement or wisely combined negative and positive reinforcement
    • Minimizing coercion
    • Choosing right techniques and rewards for context
    • How to maintain welfare during training
  • Environment
    • Behavioural needs and enrichment
    • Controlling training environment to support learning
    • Working safely when surrounding events can’t be controlled
  • Training skills
    • Human-animal relationship
    • Starting and reinforcing wanted behaviour
    • Animal friendly problem solving skills
    • Deeper understanding and combining scientific knowledge with practice
    • Own actions and their consequence in relation to animal behaviour and welfare
    • Understanding animal point of view
    • Recognizing uncomfort and pain
    • How to react to unwanted behaviour


Collaboration and service enquiries:

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